Schönberg High Centre Table

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Alice Meadow wallpaper, (c) Olenka Design


When we say we create designs that keep craft alive, we build on traditions to create something new and daring. May it be old cultural techniques, such as chair making by hand or using traditional styles, such as folk art, to create modern designs. It all originates from a profound admiration for what has been created before us.

We discovered Olenka Design at The Shop of Beautiful Things s in Amsterdam. Since childhood, Olga Shevchenko has admired Khokhloma, a traditional painting style often found on wooden kitchenware. It originated in the villages along the river Volga in the second half of the 17th century. Olga combines patterns taking inspiration from this striking Russian Khokhloma handicraft with a modern colour palette and the love for unusual wallpaper and home fabrics found in Great Britain. This is also where the home of Olenka Design is and where Olga finds the craftspeople to bring her designs to life. It is difficult to pick a favourite amongst the wonderful floral patterns, but at the end of winter, who would not love to have a bold hint of summer? Alice Meadow, with its shades of reds, pinks, and greens with contrasting blue accents, features folk-inspired colourful flowers, leaves, and berries. I take this one.