© Melanie Markovic

Once Julien Feller discovered the work of Grinling Gibbons during his studies in wood carving, his path was set out. He taught himself the required skills to cut intricate details of traditional Belgium lace patterns in wood and has over the years refined his technique and developed his own tools. Julien is now working for collectors who appreciate the many hours and the incredible skills that go into one of his pieces. This has also been recognized by Homo Faber, the international movement celebrating craftsmanship and championing artisans worldwide. Julien has been selected to show his work at this year’s Homo Faber Event in Venice from 10th April to 1st May, see https://www.homofaber.com/en/programme.
The boxwood carving he is showing in Venice depicts St George fighting the dragon surrounded by a floral lace pattern, partially gilded in white gold leaf and gold leaf.
I was fortunate to see some of Julien’s work up close at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin and was amazed at how delicate and following the pieces appear whilst being captured in boxwood.