Image credit: Eleanor Lakelin, Echoes of Amphora: Vase I/22, 24 x 24 x 52.5cm, Horse Chestnut Burr

It is such a shame that we will not be able to travel to London to see Eleanor Lakelin’s amazing new work Echoes of Amphora: Vase I/22 and Basaltes Vessel at the current exhibition at the F&M flagship Piccadilly store celebrating “The Art of the Exceptional”, showing from 11 April – 8 May. The present WOOD : GLASS : PAPER showcase is part of a series of exhibitions curated by Brian Kennedy for the Queen’s Jubilee. It sounds like a great afternoon out in London to enjoy Afternoon Tea or a glass of wine at Fortnum’s after a stroll through such a carefully curated exhibition showcasing some of the most remarkable craftspeople in Britain.
There will be two more exhibitions in the series: LEATHER – METAL – CLOTH (9th May – 29th May) and THE JUBILEE HAMPER – SCENT OF SUMMER (30th May – 19th June)