Image: 180 East 88th Street project, (c) Jan Hoss

Jan Hooss works are modern and timeless, yet they carry a resemblance to historic architectural features through the technique they have been created with and the form. Some abstract shapes, half angel’s wing, half creeping plant, seem to grow up the walls of impressive buildings. Only recently, Jan worked in one of the most exciting new builds in New York, the Upper East Side condominium, 180 East 88th Street. The building, inspired by the skyscrapers of the 1st half of the 20th century, mixes modern elements with traditional craftsmanship. Jan’s plaster and stucco work prominently featured in the fireplace reception area of the entrance hall reflects perfectly the aesthetic of this building with a real gallery feeling.
Looking at a piece of Jan’s work is like looking at clouds. You see new forms all the time, that could be an arm, a feather or a tree branch.