Video: Takuma Oshima



October 2022 was such an exciting month for us. We revealed two very special designs at Rolls-Royce Mayfair. We also wanted to take the opportunity to show more of what Rittergut & Runnymede is all about – Design that keeps craft alive.

Thank you to Takuma Oshima for capturing our vision and passion and to Rolls-Royce Mayfair and the Great Scotland Yard Hotel for having us as your guests.

Our co-founder and head of design Miles said:

“It is so amazing to be able to share why we love doing what we are doing with a broader audience. October 2022 has indeed been a spectacular month, being invited to show my designs at one of the world’s most iconic luxury car showrooms, revealing some new designs, including a prototype, hearing incredible feedback and being immersed in the London art and design world.

I am proud of what we achieved and excited about the projects coming up in the next few months. The Rittergut & Runnymede journey is the best I have ever been on.”