Image: Wim Delvoye, Untitled (Truck Tyre), Mudam Luxembourg. Image taken by Rittergut & Runnymede

The Mudam Luxembourg (Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean) holds a number of works of Wim Delvoye in its collection. Delvoye, a multi-disciplinary Belgian artist, creates works that combine modern technology with traditional or cultural visual references.

This image shows ornamental patterns carved by hand into truck tyres incorporating some of the tyres’ original features. Some tyres show Art Deco or floral patterns; others show forms and shapes reminding of other cultures’ ornamental heritage. Wim Delvoye also carved decorative patterns into car tyres. For me, the truck tyres are especially remarkable as their size and the enlarged ornaments make them demand the space they are shown in.