Image and text credit: A Lighthouse called Kanata


This exhibition of the poetic and beautiful porcelain bowls by Yoko Imada is starting tomorrow at A Lighthouse called Kanata, Tokyo.

Sun and Moon – A Hundred Bowls by Yoko Imada
September 22nd (Thu) – October 1st (Sat), 2022 1
1am – 6pm, closed Sun/Mon
Artist present: Sept. 22nd (Thu) – 24th (Sat)

Like a whirlwind of colour, Yoko Imada’s porcelain bowls ripple with a vivacity that embodies the loquacious artist herself. After studying at the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music and the Royal College of Art, London, Imada further apprenticed under the legendary ceramic artist Ryoji Koie, and her works are deeply influenced by her mentor’s flair with both the potter’s wheel and with the brush. In fact, Imada’s powerful strokes in gold and silver lustre are bold paintings in abstraction that imbue her porcelain bodies with a life energy that is distinctively hers. And having sold out all 5 works exhibited at Masterpiece London this June, Imada’s brushwork now also brim with a visceral confidence that heightens and accentuates her immaculately thrown bowls. Entitled Sunlight and Moonlight, Imada’s new lustred works may be her most beautiful yet. We hope you agree.

Wahei Aoyama, A Lighthouse called Kanata