Schönberg High Centre Table

Image taken by Rittergut & Runnymede at
 Kunsthandel Ladrón de Guevara, Dresden


Have you had a chance to see the Mond Zwölf chair in Dresden?

The collaboration project of 1720 and Rittergut & Runnymede is part of the September exhibition at Kunsthandel Ladrón de Guevara.

We are celebrating over 400-year-old crafts from the Northern edge of the Ore Mountains in a striking modern design.

Mond Zwölf has been crafted just south of Dresden, near Rabenau (Saxony/DE), the home of chairmaking in Saxony for over 400 years, which received a special mention in 1720 in the Atlas Augusteus Saxonicus.
Each part of a chair has been created from the same tree, using traditional chairbuilding techniques. This complex design can come to life only through the expertise of a specialist chairmaker.

It is an honour to exhibit alongside paintings by Pierre de Belay and moving sculptures by Maximilian Verhas.