Echoes of Amphora: III/19
Horse Chestnut Burr
38cm x 38cm x 39cm
Photograph by Michael Harvey
“I’m fascinated by wood as a living, breathing substance with its own history of growth and struggle centuries beyond our own. I’m particularly inspired by the organic mayhem and creative possibilities of burred wood. This proliferation of cells, formed over decades or even centuries as a reaction to stress or as a healing mechanism is a rare, mysterious and beautiful act of nature.” This is how Eleanor Lakelin describes the inspiration and the starting point for her work. She is using centuries-old tools, sandblasting and even dentistry equipment to reveal “a secret, ethereal landscape, unseen by anyone before.” Eleanor creates classical shapes of vases, bowls, balls, and columns out of wood which bear surprising natural patterns, textures, contours, and cavities that were created by the wood and exaggerated by Eleanor. Each sculptural object combines tirelessly hand-worked smoothness with the unexpected, somewhat raw image illustrating the secret story of the tree it has been created from.