Image credit: Amy Cushing

Amy Cushing is a painter in glass. She has a long resume of work on suspended installations for corporate, public, and private buildings worldwide. Amy’s installations, made from handmade fused glass components, create rays of colour, radiating far beyond the installation itself.
Her newest series of works, Paradise, has been developed as a colourful antidote to a time of standstill. It is Amy’s way of reaching the tropics with their exotic textures and colours without travelling afar. These are also pieces that reflect Amy’s personality, her need for colour to feed her soul and the uniqueness and multi-faceted nature of every piece in this series.
Each of these non-functional glass sculptures is truly individual, with its overall composition changing on the sculpture’s rotation. Mouth-blown glass combined with kiln-formed glass has undergone various firing cycles and cold work steps. The finials of these sizeable and heavy pieces are multi-layered paintings of patterns, coloured tones, and hues.

We have meant to share this for some time now, as Amy is an inspirational artist. Her work cannot be summed up in just one post. So expect to read more about her soon.